Football Betting

football betting stadiumIn the United Kingdom, football is our national sport; it puts many people’s backsides on seats on weekends, whether it is at a local team’s football stadium or in front of the TV. It is one of the most popular in terms of participation as well, and thus it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most widely bet on sports as well.

Prior to online bookmaking, football enthusiasts would usually opt to be on the head to head market, often opting to back their team of choice. However, on the high street, many new markets and bet types were created. Since the creation and rapid growth of online bookmaking, we have seen many innovative types of bet created for football. Many of which, can prove to be really fun when done with friends or work colleagues.

Some recent creations include the new Football Jackpot, where by correctly choosing the winners of fifteen Saturday football matches, you can possibly win up to one million pounds. Never before has it been feasible to become a millionaire by placing a single bet on football.

Other creations include the extremely popular Goals Galore bet, where all you have to do is pick three or more games, and each team in all games must score at least one goal.

The innovations show no signs of slowing, so keep checking back on this section regularly, as we hope to continue adding new and exciting football bets, which bring together friends and fellow sports enthusiasts, which are fun and exciting, but above all can make you good money!