Betting In-Play

The online sports betting industry has advanced and grown at an astonishing rate over the past decade, with new features and betting types added all the time. One key appeal to it is the fact that it offers features that otherwise unavailable in a high street bookie, one of which being live in play betting. Whilst it is still growing in popularity and gaining momentum in some parts of the world, it has taken the UK & Europe by storm.

What is live in play betting?

Ordinarily, if you place a bet with a bookmaker, either online or on the high street, you do so before the event takes place, and at fixed odds. However, live in play betting involves placing a bet after the event has started, or when it is “live and in play”, at odds that frequently fluctuate. Some find this style much more exciting, as they can follow the event, and place bets as the action unfolds.

So, how does it work?


Well, every bookmaker has a trading department who follow every sporting event and adjust the odds of various outcomes as the event unfolds. Naturally, they adjust the odds based on likelihood of something happening and the time remaining etc. So for instance, if a certain football player has just been injured, the odds of that player then scoring a goal next may be significantly higher.

During the game or event, as a goal or point is scored the odds tend to significantly change and betting is usually suspended during that time.

Who offers in play betting?

Well, nowadays it’s more a case of where can’t you bet in play, as the vast majority of bookmakers are offering it, because of its popularity, the fact it is much better for the bookmaker, as they can take more bets during a game, rather than only taking them prior to it starting, thus making them more revenue in the long term. It’s also is ideal for punters alike as they can benefit from the fast fluctuating odds as likelihoods of certain outcomes increase.

Is it right for me?

Well, live in play betting isn’t really a bet we’d recommend for beginners, as ideally you need to have a good grasp of certain markets, and the sport in particular, to make wise and informed decisions. If you are familiar with these, then it can possibly be very profitable and will become your preferred betting option in future.

A few things that are worth remember are, if you are just starting out, maybe try betting a small amount initially, and bear in mind that if you are mid-way through placing a bet, and a goal is scored, it isn’t uncommon for your bet to be void, and the odds to be adjusted.

But don’t be put off too much, when you’re familiar with all the ins and outs, and confident, it’s a fun and profitable bet when carried out correctly.