Cash Out Function

If you’ve bet with a bookmaker, particularly live and in-play, how many times have you been let down by a last minute goal? Or how often have you wished you could somehow walk away from the bet, and secure a definite profit, before the event finishes? Well, with many bookmakers, and betting exchanges, you can use what is known as the cash out function, and do just that.cashout

Quite simply, you place bets on selected events, and as soon as they go in play, depending on how the game unfolds, you can cash out by click the cash out button at any time before the event finishes, to either lock in a guaranteed profit, or limit your potential losses. At time of writing, this feature is offered by Betfair, Unibet and William Hill.

We actually did a bet of our own, to show you how the feature works, and how it can benefit you. For our bet, we chose Betfair, and a Columbian football game, between Real Cartagena vs America De Cali.

We placed a bet of £50 on Real Cartagena at odds of 2.62, which gave a profit of £81 – the 5% commission charged by Betfair, so in total the possible net profit was £76.95, assuming I won without cashing out.

Now, the cash out facility becomes useable as soon as the game goes in play, and the trading department are constantly monitoring the game, and adjusting odds where needed. So if a goal was score, naturally the odds for that team would decrease. Now, we let our game unfold, and then checked in on it after 50 minutes had passed, and the score was 2-1 to Real Cartagena, and based on the odds decreases, the Betfair platform automatically works out lay stakes etc. to guarantee you a set profit, regardless of the events outcome, in this case £33.09. So, been a sensible bunch, we took it, however the game did end with a win to Real Cartagena, meaning we could have possibly made £76.95, but it could go either way, and we could have wound up with nothing.

It’s a great feature, and one that really needs to catch on with more bookmakers in the business!