Coral Football Jackpot

Does the idea of taking just £1 of your money, placing a football bet, and turning it into £1,000,000 excite you? Thought so and why shouldn’t it?

In the UK, it’s no secret that we all dream of becoming a millionaire, in fact most of us head down to the newsagents twice a week, and spend £2 on The Lotto, with a view to winning millions. It’s not so well known, but the odds of winning the lottery are around 1 in 14,000,000. Statistically, you have better odds of being killed by debris falling from an aircraft, than winning the lotto (1 in 10,000,000).

Don’t worry though, it’s not all doom and gloom, as there are easier ways to become a millionaire, with a lower stake too. This is where The Coral Football Jackpot comes into the equation.

It’s never been realistically possible in the past to make a seven figure sum of money, betting on sports. It’s possible on casino through progressive jackpots; it’s possible on Poker through large tournament prizes, but not so much on sports betting. However, now thanks to Coral, that is a very real possibility.

It works in a very simple manner as well, basically you choose fifteen of the weekend football matches, and predict the Home, Draw and Away results of all of them. You then stake just £1 minimum (or more) of your money on it, and if all fifteen are correct, you stand to potentially gain up to £1 million, all from a £1. The only requirement is that all your bets must be placed before 3pm on Saturday, if this isn’t done your bet won’t count.

Now, the amount up for grabs isn’t guaranteed to be a million pounds, however it frequently is. How it works is, all of the money staked is pooled together. Then, if you win, your stake is taken, and the pool amount, and the amount of winners, in a similar fashion to the lottery. In that, if more than one person wins, then the pool is divided. If you don’t get all 15 correct, but come close, i.e 14 or 13 then there is still some substantial cash to be won!

Think it’s all a bit too good to be true? Don’t think people win? Well let’s look at a few examples of people who have either won, or have come within an inch of scooping the prize!

A 53 year old Medical worker, by the name of Jim Wyatt won £71,037.40 by correctly predicting the results of thirteen football matches back in September 2013, with a stake of just £1. Having first tried the bet out only a week earlier and failing to predict a single correct result . He didn’t give in, and went on to scoop a nice win for himself and his wife!

When Mr Wyatt was asked what he would do with the cash, by the Coral PR team, his first quote was “I have no idea, but I might start by paying off a few of my bar tabs”.

On that very same weekend, there were five other winners, who also scooped the same amount as Mr Wyatt, all of which declined the publicity.

However, more recently in January, 2014, an online punter, Kevin Wint from Lincolnshire, narrowly missed out on £175,000, having got 14 out of fifteen selections correct. The 15th game was Manchester United vs Swansea, and the punter had opted for the draw. However, in the 90th minute Wilfried Bony scored a last minute goal, which lead to a win for Swansea, ruining the punters chances at scooping a jackpot of £187,922.10. Kevin did get his hands on a £12,000 consolation prize for the 14 correct predictions.

Now, if somebody had cost you £175,000 would you want to meet them face to face? Well, when Kevin was invited to collect his cheque for “just” £12k, he also got given the opportunity to meet Wilfried Bony too, the man who indirectly cost him the big win.

Kevin was given a VIP day out to Manchester United vs Swansea, where he was given the chance to meet Wilfried Bony, and naturally he jumped at the chance. Mr Wint stated that he intended to clear his and his girlfriend’s debts, and was happy to look forward to a good 2014.

So, if you set your mind to it, there are very real chances of scooping a big jackpot, and possibly a £1 million prize too, if you’re the only one. At time of writing, no other sports book offers similar value. So what are you waiting for, give the Coral football jackpot a try today!