Free Bet Offers

It isn’t unusual for competitive businesses to offer incentives to you in return for your custom, well bookmakers make no exception to this, and in fact 90% of the online bookies offer some sort of free bet to encourage you to choose them over a competitor. Much like shopping vouchers for high street shops, free bets come in various values, and various types.

Before we go into the details, it’s worth reminding you to always check terms and conditions, as there is no blueprint for every free bet, and one may have exclusions that others don’t so always exercise caution!

Matched Deposit & Matched Bet bonuses

The most common type of free bets offered are matched deposit and/or matched bet bonuses. For the purpose of this example, were going to use Betfred as an example, who at time of writing offer a £25 bonus, based on 100% of your first deposit and first bet.

So, the first requirement would be for you to sign up to Betfred, and deposit real money to your account, the bonus is up to £25, however you can deposit and bet more, you just won’t get a bonus exceeding £25.

Once you’ve made your first deposit, place a bet on any sport of your choosing, at odds of 2.0 or more, and within 48 hours, you receive a free bet.

The amounts you get may vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. It may be as low as £10, or even as high as £200, it may be based upon 100% or 200%, or maybe even 50%, however the principle remains the same across the board!

No Deposit Offers

The clue for this one is in the title, it’s a bonus that doesn’t require a deposit. They aren’t as common with bookmakers as they are with online casinos; however a few bookies do still offer them from time to time. Normally, it involves simply signing up to a bookmaker, and having a free bet credited, without needing to deposit, however to filter out abuse, some do ask for payment details, so do bare that in mind. If you win with the no deposit bonus, the site usually lets you keep the winnings, but the stake is forfeited, which isn’t a bad thing, seen as it was all completely free anyway!

Risk Free Bonuses

It’s always good when bookmakers innovate a little, and the best way they did so, was the creation of new risk free bonuses. How these work is you usually deposit a defined amount, and place it on a sports event of your choosing, at set odds, and if it wins you keep the winnings, whereas if you lose, you receive a refund of your initial bet amount. Thus it essentially works like an insurance policy, making your initial bet free of risk