What is Goals Galore?

Goals Galore is a truly fun and thrilling type of football bet, pioneered by popular bookmaker Betfred. It is very popular, particularly among groups of friends and work colleagues, and even if you don’t have an interest in football, Goals Galore will have you hooked until the final whistle.

How does it work? How do I win?

Just sign up to Betfred and choose three or more football matches from a selected Goals Galore list, then choose the amount of your bet. The objective is that out of all the games you choose, both teams in each game must score at least one goal each. So, if you chose three games, you have a total six teams, and all of these teams must score at least once. Providing both teams in each game score, then its goals galore and you win. It really is that simple. In addition, you’ll experience great odds depending on how many teams you choose, and big odds mean big payouts, with the chance to win as much as £14000 from just a £10 bet.

How do I sign up to place a bet?

If you want to place a Goals Galore bet today you can either click here to sign up with Betfred or click the banner at the bottom of this page.