Handicap Betting

One other style of bet, which is quickly growing in popularity is handicap betting, which comes in many forms, such as European Handicap, Asian Handicap and Points betting.

If you read the other guides, such as the head to head betting one, you’ll remember the main appeal for some, is the fact that the outcomes are 50/50, well handicap betting makes bets 50/50 or “even money probability”. This is done by either adding points, or subtracting them, from a particular team.

Let’s look at an example

For our example, we chose Hungary vs Albania football handicap.

Hungary -1 is at odds of 1.75
Draw -1 is 3.8
Albania + 1 is 3.6

handicapIn the above example -1 would mean taking a goal away, whereas +1 would mean adding 1 goal. So, if you chose to bet on Albania, and the final score was 1-1, then you would add another goal to the Albania score, making them the winners 2-1, and you a winner for choosing it. If you chose Hungary, a goal would be deducted from the final score, however Hungary would still have to have more goals, even at this point. So, if Hungary won 3-1, a goal is deducted for the handicap, the end result would be 2-1, and Hungary would win, and you’d be paid out at the odds of 1.75. However, if you chose to go for the draw, if one goal is scored, this would be deducted, and the draw would be paid out.

There are some styles of handicap bets such as Asian Handicap, which don’t have a draw as a possibility. If the match ends up as a draw in an Asian Handicap, the bets are void, and you usually get your money back. This is known as “Draw no bet”.

Handicap bets are offered on head to head markets, and score markets most commonly, for many sports, including football, basketball etc.

If you fancy having a bet with a difference, check out the handicap markets, it can make a win more likely if done correctly, but do choose your selections wisely!