Head to Head Betting

The most basic and most popular betting type is head to head betting. Which quite simply is a case of betting on who will win, or whether it may be a draw, hence the reason it’s referred to as head to head betting.

Now, Head to head betting isn’t necessarily limited to any one sport in particular. In fact, traditionally it was referred to as head to head for sports where there was no draw, such as tennis. The option for a draw was added in for sports which do include one, such as football.

If we were to bet on the head to head market for a sport with no draw, such as a tennis game as mentioned above, we would have two players, Player A and Player B, each with set odds depending on the bookmaker. If you bet on one particular player, you are betting for that player to win, and for the other player to lose. It’s very straight forward, and you have 50/50 odds of winning, which makes it a slightly safer option too.

If you bet on a sport which does have a draw as a possibility, such as football, and then it would be a case of, you can either bet on the home team, bet on the draw, or bet on the away team. Your odds in this instance aren’t 50/50, you would have a 33.3% chance of your choice being correct, that’s assuming you opt for only one outcome. You might choose to bet on one team, and also bet on the draw as well, which would up your probability of a win to just under 67%.

It’s a very simple bet, and it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular, and it’s an excellent first choice if you’ve never placed a bet before!