Multiples Betting

When you place a bet on sport, it doesn’t all have to be on one team, or event, or even one type of sport. It becomes possible to place bets on multiple events and outcomes, thanks to two different betting types, multiples and accumulators.

They come in a few different forms, and can help boost your potential profits, by combing your odds, and multiplying your potential pay-out.multiples

What’s a multiple?

A multiple is a bet which is placed on more than one outcome, or more than one sport event, but placed as just the one multi bet. In fact anything with two or more bets would be classed as a multiple. The bookmaker you choose will determine how limited you are in terms of the amount of selections allowed per multiple bet. There are several different names for different types of multiple bets. A multiple with two selections, would become known as a double, and a bet with three outcomes would become known as a treble, and one with four outcomes, would be referred to as a quaddy.

How does a bookmaker decide the odds?

There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to multiples bets, and basically the odds are multiplied against the next selection. So if you had chosen a bet on Team A at odds of 3.0 and Team C at odds of 2.0, then the odds of Team A would be multiplied with the odds of Team C, so 3.0 x 2.0 = Odds of 6.0 if both of your selections come good.

Let’s take a look at an example

If you were to choose three teams to win, from three different football games, on the weekend football, such as Liverpool at odds of 2.5, Manchester United at odds of 1.5, Tottenham Hotspur at odds of 3.2. Then the odds would be multiplied as follows: 2.5 x 1.5 x 3.2 = Odds of 12.

This is a good way of boosting your possible pay-out, especially if the wins are very likely. If we were to assume you bet on the above teams as singles bets of £1 each, if all three won, you’d make just £7.2, whereas if it was done as multiple, you’d gain £12, that’s a difference of £4.80 or 66%!

Final notes on multiples

Do take time to fully familiarise yourself with the multiples process, and only use it in times when you think ALL of your outcomes will have a very very good chance to win, if they do, then your odds will boost the payment potential. However, if you doubt one of your choices, maybe just bet on that particular choice as a single bet.