Totepool betting

Totepool Betting started out as a creation of The Tote (Totesport) back in the late 1920s. Totepool betting acts to put a certain amount of money from horse racing bets into prize funds known as “pools”. Then, these jackpots or “pools” are your prizes if you are triumphant with your bets.

Now, usually when most punters choose to bet on the horses, they usually bet on a single horse to win or be placed at fixed odds. However, Totepool betting not only allows you the chance to win big jackpots from stakes as low as £2, but for some types of bets, you can actually win said jackpots without even backing the winning horses.

After deciding to join Totesport, placing your first Totepool bet is easy. To see if Totepool bets are available for a given day’s races, simply look for the “live Totepool info” menu link.

You can read more about the three major types of Totepool Bets below. These bets are called the Tote Jackpot, the Tote Placeport and the Tote Scoop6.

Tote Jackpot

Pick the winners of the first six races at a given race meeting
Totejackpot is a type of Tote Pool Bet. When you place a Totejackpot bet, you have a nominated jackpot racing meeting on that day. The objective is to pick the winning horses from the first six races of the meeting.

Of course, it is possible to perm your selections by picking more than one horse per race, but as usual, the more you choose the more the bet will cost you, so bare this in mind if you were to choose this option.

If your selection is a non runner, it will be replaced with the favourite at SP.

Now, the jackpots for these types of bets are at least £25,000, however, they can quite frequently roll over, so prize jackpots can reach very high amounts. The record so far was just under £3,000,000 in September 2011, on a Newmarket race meeting.

Tote Placepot

Pick a horse to be placed in the first six races from a meeting
Tote Placepot is similar to Tote Jackpot, in that you have a defined racing meeting, and you have to make selections from the first six races from the meeting in question. However, this time the objective of the bet is that for each of the six races, you are betting on horses to be placed in the race, meaning they don’t have to be winners. This not only tips the scale further in your favour, it means you can potentially win big without even backing a winning horse.

If you wish, you can choose more than one horse per race and perm your selections; however, keep in mind that by doing so you will increase the cost of the bet, but you will also increase the chance of getting a placed horse. I guess it’s your decision as to which of these is the key factor.

Now, if one or more of your horses are withdrawn from a race or are non runners, then they will be replaced with the starting price favourite.

During high profile race meetings such as Cheltenham festival and Royal Ascot, the Tote Placepot is an extremely popular bet, and the size of the pool can grow to almost £1,000,000. The largest prize dividend for this type of bet was paid out last year on 19/12/2011 at the Plumpton race meeting, and the prize was a massive £46,606.20. The current record for the largest pool for this type of bet was at the Cheltenham Festival on 11/03/2008, and the pool stood at a huge £989,577.

Tote Scoop6

Pick the winners from six selected races
Tote Scoop6 runs once a week on a Saturday, and it is made up of six selected races, which are normally the televised ones from that day. The objective of the bet is to choose the winning horse from each of the six races.

Tote Scoop6 prize pools don’t go into just one single fund, rather they go into three funds. These funds are named the win fund, bonus fund and place fund. Now, to win the win fund, you have to pick the winning horses from all of the six given races. If your horses don’t win but are all placed, then you win a share of the place fund instead.

Then, if you do win a share of the win fund, you can register to go for the bonus fund on the following Saturday. To have a chance of winning the bonus prize, you are given a nominated race, and all you have to do is back the winner. If you do this, a share of the bonus fund is yours. It is really is a great bet, with chances to win VERY big prizes for small stakes.

Remember, that if you want to increase your chances of winning, you can pick more than one selection per race. You can also increase your chances when you perm your bets, but when you do this, your bet will cost more (so do consider this at the time). Tote Scoop6 is very popular, and with stakes as low as £2, the fund can reach up to £3,500,000 on occasion. Also, there can usually be rollovers, meaning the prizes build up and up, and this means that there is more money to play for.